Unable to pass Welcomescreen Keyboard/mouse input not possible (driver problem?)

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Yes, I'm facing more or less a similar problem. After installation of 18312 my PC (Windows) stops at the welcomescreen. At that moment I normally press the space bar to come into the sign-in screen. No reaction, tried other keyboard (also wired) and another mouse. Went back due to a backup. Everything works fine but build 18312 is auto downloaded and installed: same problem. Tried everything with a bootable USB for troubleshooting/repair> No succus until now, machine is down

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Also builds 18312.1007 and 18317 ran into th-stick out of e same error. Finally my first idea -a Driverproblem- was the cause.

After intallation of 18317 and debugging again, I pulled out by accident an USB-stick connected to my USB 3.1 cntroller card. Through my speaker I heard the specific sound when installing/removing such one. Oeps, that port gives a response, so I connected my keyboard to that USB 3.1 controller card and YES.....by hitting the space bar the logon screen shows up!!!! Entering my password and it works now.

FYI: Driver level USB 2.0 of motherboard (Asus Maximus 4 Gene-Z) 10.0.18317 and the driverlevel of the 3.1 Controller was the manufactories one.