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unable to join insider

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Hello everyone,

i have a question about insider program


i have try to join windows insider program : fast ring

i have following the instruction correctly,

sign to insider program (via setting) until the last step it say "you may continue to receive insider preview build until your pc Restarts"

and after i restart my pc, i just got nothing. i mean nothing change,

when i check the insider setting as well as usual, can you help me to solve this, i really interesting in windows insider program fast ring

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Hi Amin, Before you can install Insider preview builds you first have to join the program. Please follow the steps outlined here: Please let me know if you need further assistance. Michelle

yes i have join that program, before asking here,


Similar issue. My Microsoft acc't shows linked. I've gone through the Settings>Windows Insider 3-4 times now and after a reboot, nothing is visible. On current stable 1709.



Fr Mike McDonald

@Amin Aenurahman 

I have similar symptoms. I have joined the insider program too many times to count this whole week, and have not been able to proceed from that "You may continue to receive Insider Preview builds until your PC restarts."

Hitting the restart button does nothing, so I do a reboot myself, and lo and behold, I have to select my account and all that stuff once again..

sameee problem..pls help

@A1Sadly, it does not. The key was already there where said value. And, no fix me button.


Troubleshooting - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Docs
Troubleshooting tips

@A1 didnt work......i am not seeing any "fix me" button...2ndly my problem was  regarding this msg..

"You may continue to receive Insider Preview Builds until your PC restarts.." 


Try to open Win10 settings - updates and security- open the tool to solve problems > additional tools to solve problems with the update - run the tool - follow the recommended steps !
2) in the application settings go to insider program - in the settings of advanced applications there is a fix button, or reset .