Unable to install release after windows 11 insider.

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I was a Dev insider since windows 11 insider was a thing and I want to switch to the Release build now as some of the applications I use aren't working well with the insider ones. Unfortunately my pc wont show me the update and Windows 11 Installation Assistant Wont open (it closes almost instantly) and I cant seem to be able to get out of insider using the windows update without the need to format... Also booting to a USB with the ISO for windows 11 wont also allow me to keep my files.

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same problem on ARM build
You are no longer in the Windows Insider program, is that correct?
Try run Windows Update and download and install all updates and restart your PC.
Check Windows Update and it should show a message about status of Windows 11 readiness.
I am still in windows insiders as I cant leave it without needing a format..
Same here. We need a fix.
I wanna keep my files aswell.
This is correct for the Dev and you will need a clean install but in Clean install your data will be placed in a folder called Windows.old and you may recover them later. But you have to reinstall all of your applications.
You may try switch to the Beta build and get the beta build and then leave the Windows Insider Program and get the latest release.
Take a look at: