Unable to can't install 26100.1000 (KB5039304)

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Hello, I'm currently stuck on KB 24H2 26100.994, which is quite peculiar since I was expecting a different version. In fact, I believe this might be linked to my issue. Unfortunately, I'm unable to upgrade to the newer version 26100.1000. Every time I try to download it, I encounter the error code 0x800f0805. I've already exhausted troubleshooting options such as running SFC, DISM, and checking the SoftwareDistribution folder, but nothing seems to work. This is unusual behavior, as I've never experienced this with a patch installation before. Can anyone shed some light on what might be causing this issue?

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I am having the same problem. I am on 24H2 26100.712. When trying to install KB5039304, I receive error 0x80070005. I have attempted multiple troubleshooting solutions for 0x80070005, but the problem still occurs. I have also downloaded the update from the Microsoft Update Catalog and tried to install it locally, but the same error occurs.