Trying to join insider program

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After joining the insider program, in the settings in Update, it says this "To manage the Windows insider Program settings for your device and allow it to stay on the insider program, you'll need to turn on Optional Diagnostic Data. When I click the link it gives me to go there (Diagnostics & Feedback) The option for Optional Diagnostic Data is greyed out and I can't click on it.

Any help please?

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Please check your Microsoft account privacy settings and other privacy settings!
and send feedback - automatically by default!

elaborate please? @A1-A1 

Hello @Joshatt532,


Try this and see if it helps:


Open Services snap-in by running services.msc command.


Locate Connected User Experiences and Telemetry service and start it.

Try turning enabling Optional Diagnostic Data option then.

Hope this helps!  

just tried it, unfortunately it didn't do anything. Thank you though!



I had the same problem, my computer was, for some reason on another, on Family Safety. I has to just reset my PC (settings), and it was all fixed, keep in mind, that it will remove all your apps, although, it will save your files.


Thank you for sure such a setting of family safety it can block!
But why haven't you changed your settings? not to reset the system?



Trust me, I tried, I contacted 6 support agents, they could not fix anything. So, in the end I just reset the system.


Yes, it confirms that - system reset is a solution already proven!
similar solution - it is recommended to clean install Win10 before downloading the Win11 preview.
thank you again for your extra explanations - it helps others!

thanks, this helped me :D