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Hi there

Since a couple of days I´m experiencing an issue with Win 11 22H2.

When I finish the  work, and press shut down, the system doesn´t do properly, the screen gets frozen and must have to press the power button for shut it.


Yesterday and today tech of Microsoft tried to fix and find the trouble, but weren´t able to do it.

If I continue pressing and shutting down in the described form, the life of SSD will be shortest.

Any help will be appreciated

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Did you install any program before this problem started?
Are you able to restart your PC?
Does it happen on battery or when you are plugged in?



First answer no.

Second answer, yes but the screen gets frozen, appears the circle saying Restarting Windows, arrives to the 90% or so and nothing more.

Third answer it´s not a laptop it´s a desktop. So always plugged in.


Thanks for your interest.

Also the problem appears when I try to restart the computer. 


Screen gets frozen, by complete.

If I press the power button, force it to close, wait 2 minutes, and then power on, and appears the windows initial without PIN, and press shutdown, it does it normally....


Any help will be appreciated. Thanks 



Thank you for your information.
Firstly, open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
Try performing Clean Boot and see if the problem persists?
Have a look at:




Will try to see tomorrow what's happening.

I have downloaded the version 25, but due the troubleshoot described, isn't installed properly.


I will give feedback.




After running the clean boot, the troubleshoot continues, has made a little progress,  it attempts to close, I believe arrives to some part of the code and then gets freezed or enter in a loop.


So extrange... unfortunately doesn't allow to install the new launch....preview


Attached are 2 picts showing the screen state...






Good day

After investigating a little more, at the channel without success, I arrived to a solution provided by Microsoft in one page.


What to do? Well try to run a clean image, without loosing any datum, it will take a while, using the prompt command in an administrator mode, it takes datums from the site and cleans everything. After that I have installed the updtate  Windows 11 Insider Preview 25352.1 (zn_release) with success.!!!


Thanks for your help and dedication!!!.

Glad you report the problem.
Open start and run Command prompt as administrator and type the following command:

sfc /scannow

Press enter and let it runs.



Good day!! and good news!!

All system scanned no signs of corrupted files.

SSD checked and fortunately no bad sectors.


For any other member in case of this type of incident, I personally recommend, to run a clean image of the O/S. So in that case Windows, cleans (in my opinion), corrupted or damaged files, not presented at the scan (such as the one performed by the technicians of support of Microsoft, remotely).



Clean install should be the last option and it is always better to fix and troubleshoot the problem.
However, thank you for sharing.

@Reza_Ameritotally agree with you..

Nobody at the MS Team... found the trouble... after searching at the web found it and share for every who can have same troubleshoot.



I am having the very same issue that you are after the updates and so far no luck the microsoft tech told me to come here so hopefully you can let me know what the solution is to fix this?@Gunher_Class 

Make sure report your issue using the Feedback Hub app.
Try update Windows and check for update for drivers and firmware from your device's manufacturer website.