Toggling use HDR in display settings instantly locks up display, but remote sessions work fine

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I have a ThinkPad x1 Yoga gen 5 

It was consistently experiencing extreme slow downs immediately after plugging in the charger.


Naturally I assumed it had something to do with the charger, or possibly some sort of ground fault causing the freezing issue. (since normally when you plug in the charger, the PC should speed up, not slow down) (at least with all settings default)


Anyway, I finally discovered it had nothing to do with the charger, it was being caused by the use HDR setting in the windows display settings page. (right click desktop > display settings > use HDR)


It turned out it was only happening when I plugged in the charger since when uplugged it was set to turn off hdr., 


The way I pinpointed the issue was after connecting remotely to the computer, and discovering it was not actually frozen at all, only the display on the laptop was frozen, but when remotely connected, the pc was fully functional. 


That helped me to start looking at a display issue, which I confirmed by toggling HDR on and off 


hope this helps someone


PS. the freezing was a bit strange, the mouse cursor was still able to move around like normal, you wouldn't think there was anything wrong until you went to click and drag a window to try to move it around on the screen. it was not only slow, but simply not possible. no programs would open. 


As soon as HDR is toggled on, this would occur, and was so bad, there was no easy way to even get the setting toggled back off! It was initially set to only be enabled when on AC power, so I could just unplug the charger and use the computer normally. 

But once I began troubleshooting the display being the source, and changed the HDR setting to remain on all the time, the only way I found to get it toggled back off was via RDC


This should be looked into. I can consistently reproduce this issue by simply toggling on "use HDR" 

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