Todays Dev Windows 11 Insider Compilation and TPM 2.0. requirement

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Correct me if I am wrong, but the messages so far indicated that people in the Dev branch of WIndows Insider will not be subject to restrictions on, for example, TPM 2.0 and 8+ generations of CPU.

Meanwhile, my installation has just been suspended - precisely because of the lack of TPM 2.0 (a screenshot is attached).


Between us - I think that cutting off the 6th and 7th generation processors from Windows 11 support along with forcing TPM is an image-related decision - a shot in the knee or even swimming in the vapors of the absurdity of some rich decision makers from MS. The Windows community is already boiling over it. A number of computers by MS decision are cut off from the possibility of upgrading Windows 10 to Windows 11, while 99% of computers on the market would successfully - with their power/specs - handle Win 11, if it were not for the imposition on users of the need to have 8+ gen CPU and TPM ( which, moreover, TPM is not widely used, for example, in Russia or China).


A request to decision makers from Microsoft - seriously consider what kind of storm you are causing - because as experience shows - the upset community has already broken the neck of many projects in which dissatisfied solutions were "pressed" by users forcibly and against their will.


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As announced, if you are in the Dev channel for a long time will be able to install Win11, this is to check such installation on computers with lower performance - please write if you are new?

Thank you for your interest in my problem @Andrzej1 
I have been an insider for over 4 years
and in the Dev Channel - from the beginning of the channel's existence.

Well, you wrote this topic!
This needs to be clarified - it was clear from the preliminary information that you will be able to install Win11 for the like you! this will simply happen at a later date – you definitely need to prompt in the Windows Feedback Center!
The problem is clearly TPM. Reboot and windows update clean up (softwaredistibution cleanup) does not help and the installer insists that the computer must support the TMP 2.0 for WIndows 11 instalation. Recently, I even read articles on several portals, where indicated that the Win 11 installer allowed to install this system on editorial older computers without TPM. However, it looks as if the fault is on the side of the build itself.
Some people pointed to a possible TPM check bypass by moving the appraiserres.dll file from Windows 10 ISO to Windows 11 ISO. I tried this option on 2 versions of appraiserres.dll ie. file (from the last, current dev preview of Windows 10 and the file version with the latest ISO Windows 10 - without preview).
The first method ended with a message that tpm 2.0 and an required version of the processor is a problem (I got a cpu before 8 gen) while the base Win 11 file version indicates only TPM. 2.0. In turn, the file with ISO Win 10 without preview, lets me through the hardware test but stops on the product key screen - without skip option.
Unfortunately, the product key screen does not accept my current Windows 10 Pro key . When I type new Win 10 Pro keys, I get a message that they are not supported in the installed version of Windows 11 :D


Your explanation is confirmed by the TPM2.0 requirement.
this advanced encryption level is the security of the Win11 build.
Maybe Microsoft will introduce a switch for Insiders that would be a temporary solution!
I also will not replace good computers because of Win11.
Good luck!

@FenrisPL I didn't have to do anything special besides reboot my computer so maybe there is some other issue with your system.


This is the screen I first got:

Screenshot (96).png

Then I rebooted my computer and retried and the upgrade was successful:

Windows 11 update history.png


Here are the specs of my computer, you can see I don't have a TPM or eligible CPU but I am was still able to upgrade to the Windows 11 Insider Preview 10.0.22000.51:

Windows 11 compatibility results.png


Have you checked the other requirements such as UEFI, GPT, Secure Boot?


It is worth being here as I see that MTC Members are helpful!
Thank you for your post - the method closes installations without the condition - perfectly, we will see how it works.

So, I was able to bypass the problems (skip TPM) and successfully install Windows 11 via Windows Update. It required:
- adding the "BypassTPMCheck" = dword: 00000001 key in the Win 10 registry (latest Dev Insider OS version )
- adding the appraiserres.dll file from Win 10 ISO (the latest public version - not the Insider version) to the hidden Windows BT folder after an unsuccessful installation - in place of the file downloaded from the branch by default.

The system has been updated without a problem and so far everything works fine for me.

@FenrisPL can you please tell us the steps to add BypassTPM key in registry, cause I'm also facing the same issue in installing windows 11 insider preview.