To Have Upload and Download Speed on the Taskbar

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Almost 90%, if not 98%, of Windows Users, are connected to the Internet, downloading and uploading something always. I wonder if it is possible for Windows to have this Upload and Download speed to show somewhere on the Taskbar so that we can monitor easily our bandwidth at a glance while we are working, studying or taking a break?


This would be an amazing feature that would save us from getting unstable or unsafe third-party app always to do this crucial task. Thank you for considering this suggestion!

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There is an application in the Microsoft Store from Microsoft Research and you may try it out:
However, there is no such tools (from Microsoft) to place it on the taskbar.
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Thanks @Reza_Ameri for your reply, took a look at the app you mentioned but it's not really what I need as it is testing only the speed of internet.
However, what I need is to monitor constantly through a notification on the taskbar of the Upload and Download bandwidth used in my PC, either it is from the internet or within my network. That way I can see on hovering on that notification, which application is using the most my bandwidth.

When you open your Task Manager, in the Performance Tab, you have the Wi-fi/Eternet section showing exactly the bandwidth used in my computer by any task (Send/Receive). That monitoring tool is what I propose and suggest Microsoft to put somewhere on the Taskbar for me to see always like my Time/Date. :)
Like I mentioned, it is not available.
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