This build of windows is going to expire on 31st July 2020

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Whenever i boot up my pc i get a message saying that this build of windows will expire on 31st of July 2020(today btw) and when i check for updates I there are no new updates available. My build is windows 10 home insider preview single language evaluation copy. build 19619.rs_prerelease.200425-1827
Version 2004 Windows 10 Home

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Hi! i'm having the same issue and now this happening my HP wireless 200 mouse isn't wanting to work and I don't know how to fix this update issue. Anyone else have this same issue and know how to fix it?


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@Appy Apoorv you are on an old Dev build. I'm guessing you switched to Beta Channel. If so, you either need to switch back to the Dev Channel and update to the latest build, or if you want to move to Beta, RP, or retail release, you need to perform a clean install.  See 



@DamienBlanchard55 for the expiry see ..


As for the mouse, have you tried reinstalling the drivers?



@Eddie Leonard Thanks for the reply! But I am still on the same channel as I opted in the first place - Dev Channel. 

Hi! Thank you so much for your response, it was fixed when I switched it to Dev Channel and it's downloading the update now! Thanks Again!
after the latest edge dev upgrade it seems my extension buttons have vanish from edge. that is not cool, guys. i had them there for a reson.

@jpc1973 Sorry you are hitting an issue, but this is completely off topic for this thread. Please submit feedback to the Edge team from within the Edge app.