This application need a few things which is missing from this computer. Correct in settings

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Hello, I have one problem with the XBOX application on my windows 10 computer. I have Windows Insider Dev channel enabled. When I turn on the XBOX application, the information at the top in the green bar is displayed, which reads like this: "this application needs a few things that are missing on this computer - Correct in the settings" and when I click open settings, this application closes and if I do not click this app is also closing.

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Dev build contains bugs and errors , so I would request you to report these issues through the Feedback Hub app.
Try update Windows and open the Microsoft Store and check for updates for application.

@Reza_Ameri this application don't have a update right now. Windows too.


Wersja Dev. does not need to have a full Windows environment - not all applications will be
of course you need to collaborate – reporting directly to the development team, but it's likely to be intentionally blocked!
Sometimes a ridiculous reboot helps.
Good luck


In this case, report this issue through the Feedback Hub app as I mentioned earlier and Windows team would be able to investigate and resolve this issue.

i don't need help now, i reinstalled system and this worked, thanks for yall help
Glad you issue have been solved, however sharing the feedback is always helpful because the Windows team would be able to investigate and identify the problem and create update and fix to prevent it in the future or add a support article helping you in future.