The windows insider Dev debacle

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So I had my computer set so I would receive windows insider dev updates, i’ve tried multiple things to turn it off, but the only way you can actually do it is to completely wipe the system, and I mean completely. 

Microsoft needs to make away to turn off the Dev updates or even roll them over to other updates


(update: I have done several attempts to clean install and it hasn’t worked. I’m gonna have to take my computer to the computer store to get the hard drive replaced.)


thanks Microsoft🤬

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Yes, this is a problem for the Dev. and Canary channels, but since these are non-productive versions - the solution is only a clean install of Windows.

I remember that in the spring of 2023. Beta and Dev. had the same build, then you can downgrade to Beta, but that's rather 

just this one case.



@A1 I did a clean install and it’s still stuck on the dev channel. I’m going to have to remove my hard drive and put a whole new one in at this point

When in doubt Plan B, I’m going to roll back to XP


Windows 11 Clean Installation (

Check out this guide, it seems helpful.

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Yes Thankyou so much. I almost lost my mind over this. 🙏🏻🙌🏻