The large Windows 11 build last week stopped one of my Apps from working correctly

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Family Tree Maker 2019 (FTM) shuts down at various points when in the middle of an on-line interface with and  It will work OK for a while but runs into the message below, which gives us no idea what is wrong.  It worked OK until the large (took a long time to install) Win 11 insider update last week.

I have worked with the APP builder and have reinstalled the APP (using detailed instructions per FTM Support Staff) and put exceptions in Norton Anti-Virus for the FTM programs - no luck. 

I cannot get in touch with Windows 11 Insider Support but have been in touch with Microsoft Windows Support - they cannot help with the Windows Insider program.  I need help to at least identify what is wrong with the FTM App - as the error message is meaningless and no one has notified me of a solution.   



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