The feedback hub doesn't let I post any feedback

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When I posted my first feedbacks, don't happened anything unnatural, but when my posts begin to popularize, one message appear, saying I don't have age to post feedback, I understand the message, although strange they block my account just now

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Yes , but to give feedback you still can?
I think that there were reports from other users about your opinions, but this is common - I think that you should not worry about it.
Microsoft has the right even completely block the account and does not have to justify it.
You need to understand that this is done in automatic mode and some opinions must be left as not public because they relate to the Insider Program - I think this is obvious.
Good luck


I understood it's automatic, but I don't have more the option to send, and I can't give feedbacks on the feedback hub, as the message says they will see if they will unblock my account, exceeded much time and nothing and its boring wait much time and I am not so younger as the message says


You can try to uninstall the Feedback Centre application and reinstall it - if the verification of your account fails then you have been blocked and this cannot be explained in the public forum. 

Unfortunately, I already try to reinstall the feedback hub, but it doesn't work, I don't know what I can do to resolve it

after reinstallation what is the message - when you want to log in ?

I also logged in again on my account after the reinstallation, appear the same screen and the same message

This is not worth explaining!
Create a new Microsoft account , add a new profile to your browser and log in with your new account and I think all will go well - of course this is a workaround.

If they don't unblock my account, the last option is it same. I will wait a more few times to do it to guarantee if it was a mistake or not


Have you tried logging in with the account of someone else in your family?

If you get the same message, check if you have not turned on the family option in security? 

I never activate the family options nor logged in with accounts that aren't me, mainly in no moment I touched in these options

Please write if Microsoft fixes this.
Still don't, continue all the same thing


To verify that you are sure it's not a hardware problem, log in to the Opinion Center on another computer with a stable version of Windows    

Hasn't like to be it because I have a great PC, with TPM, secure boot, Ryzen 5, Nvidia 4 GB, etc. So, probably they blocked my account because of that

Thank you for the discussion !
Good luck
I'm looking for the feedback hub and when I open it, appears a message saying that they must approve my feedbacks in until more of 1 year for maybe I come back to post my feedbacks, I don't know if this time is because of my age, but it's strange this wait be so long
It is very likely that there has been an error and it will be fixed by a system update

The worst is sometimes I gave the chkdsk command and sfc /scannow on the Windows and don't change anything on the feedback hub


Yes, but the Feedback Center must use the assigned paths and changing the registry causes an unknown error, and shows such a message randomly I think