Temperory profile Issue in Windows 10 Insider Preview Single Language Build 20226_rs.release.200925

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Hi Team,


I am using a windows 10 insider in my Laptop and from last 2 updates this current update and the update before this, I am facing an issue which i try to solve but could not resolve it by self.


I would like to seek your assistance in resolving that issue "when I login everyday I am unable to access my permanent profile due to automatic Temporary profile even after may times click on sign-out the same issue is found" Please look into the attached screenshot and help me to resolve this as due to this Temporary profile all the files I saved in c drive or even in other drives, files removed automatically and software ex. skype or others are not working and everyday I login in chrome, edge or install software to use in this temporary profile, so this is very important to be resolved ASAP as it is affecting my work so much.


Please guide me with the steps need to be taken or provide an update so I could work as I was able to work. 


Thanks & Regards,

Bhupendra Chaurasia



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Hello @BhupeChaurasia,


See if this fix helps you:




Let us know if this helps!


Note: Included link in this reply refers to blog post by a trusted Microsoft MVP.