Taskbar not showing any icons and settings broken

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Last night, I had updated and restarted my computer and it booted back up to a broken taskbar. Only the tray icons show up on it. Win + R works but the settings shortcut, Win + I, does not. I found that ShellExperienceHost and similar aren't running.

Settings is also completely broken, and any shortcut that leads to settings just doesn't work. When I try to launch settings through the run prompt like this "ms-settings:keyboard" for example, it shows "File system error (-2018374635)".

I should be on the latest insider's beta.

Here's everything I've tried:
Restarting Explorer
Resyncing date and time
sfc /scannow (found corrupt files the first time, but it didn't fix the problem)
a DISM command I found online, both /ScanHealth and /RestoreHealth
a powershell command to reinstall every windows app I found online
Windows' solution of running regedit on IrisService
Uninstalling the latest quality update in recovery boot
Downloading the newest Win11 insiders beta iso (since that's what I've been using) from Microsoft and running it. It installed fine and it put me back in the "Almost ready" prompt when logging in but it did not fix it.

My computer had restarted overnight, and when I logged back in, my taskbar was in a more broken state of showing up twice on my second monitor.
That time when I restarted explorer, it actually fixed the taskbar but settings was still broken.
Because I couldn't access settings, I restarted and now it's back to no fix.

Any suggestions are very greatly appreciated to fix this. I only realized after this happened that system restore was never turned on, so there are no backups.

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