Taskbar icons are right sided

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hey!! I've been using windows 11 insider program from the 1st day. I just reinstalled it few hours ago. i don't know why but my taskbar icons are slightly right sided.... It's looking so annoying... please help me get it centered....

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This is a known issue with build 22454. Even I have same issue on one of my system.


Already reported to Microsoft and they're working on a fix. 


Hope this helps!


For me it is annoying that the taskbar can not be moved to the top because I like it that way !
I think that the ability to move the taskbar will be restored - to improve productivity in a system that is in development and everything is still possible :)

I also observed number of reports , I advise you to open Feedback Hub app and report this issue and if the report already exist then upvote it.
Oh thank god...
And I was thinking it's only my issue
I even reinstalled the OS like 3 or 4 times...
Hey you can move the taskbar to the top.... Just need some edits on registry..
Yes , but I want to have it in windows11 settings , if I use different computers I won't change the registry path in each one because I don't have time for that . thank you for your suggestions . Good luck

A have the same problem