System reports No Internet despite having active connection

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For the last 3 builds, I have an issue where on WiFi the network connection reports no Internet, even though I have an active connection. I can browse the internet OK in Edge, Chrome etc, but apps like Outlook, Skype for Business etc, are unable to connect.


I have tried a network reset, but no luck. also checked system proxy settings etc


When on my office LAN, its OK and if on WiFi I VPN to my office, its OK. However any WiFi (secure, unsecured, tether to my phone, etc the connection reports "No Internet"


Please advise.

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@Eddie Leonard 


Just to add I've updated to 18941 and the issue is still happening ;-(

@Eddie Leonard 


Updated to 18945 which has my issue listed as a fix, but its still happening. I've done a netowrk reset to clear any chnages I may have made, no luck

@Andrew Sparksneed it connection cleard off


Hi @Eddie Leonard


I've had a similar issue to this also - Surface Laptop 2.  Assumed it's my home modem as a reset often resolves it, but other devices (Windows, iOS and Android) are not affected.


Logged FB -



What do you mean? I've completed a network reset.


I'm in the office today, LAN is again fine, picked up connection straight away but the Wifi still a no go, reports no connection to intenret, despite broswers working fine.

@Andrew Sparks 

This worked for me:

From <>

You can do so by opening up CMD and running it as administrator. Once CMD is opened, trigger the following commands one after another:

netsh winsock reset catalog

netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log

And reboot



Thanks but I'd already found that article and it hasnt worked. Just tried again on build 18956 and still not fixed.


LAN is fine, unless I wake form sleep and I have to restart. WIFI fails every time. it connects but says no Internet so non browser apps do not work


@Eddie Leonard is there any update? it was listed as a fix in the last build but clearly isn't

@Andrew Sparks  I was having the same issue. Turns out my company was enforcing a gpo which was causing the issue.
Check out: 
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NlaSvc\Parameters\Internet\EnableActiveProbing in the registry. If it is set to 0, try setting it to 1 and then reset your wifi adapter. 

Hi @Eddie Leonard 


I've updated to 18965 and this is still not fixed, despite it twice being listed in fixes for previous builds.


I've compelted a Network reset, changed various reg keys as other users have suggested, but nothing  works. Any Wifi I use says No Internet, yet browsers work fine.