System crashing every few minutes

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I was in windows insiders, windows began crashing yesterday, microsoft support was useless. Anyway, it kept crashing and telling me that my windows insider build has faced a problem and it crashes. Ive literally gotten every stop code available. Now ive fully formatted every drive in my pc and re installed a clean version of wondows 11, no insider stuff. And it is still crashing, with the new install I've recieved the stop codes MEMORY_MANAGEMENT and CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED a few times, as well as some others. Really lost what to do at this point as I've tried everything and now lost around 4tb of data from resetting with no success. Anybody have any fixes? Literally about to go blow $400 replacing all my drives

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Download Windows 10 (

Sometimes installing Win10 is easier, and then you can upgrade to Win11

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Did you get a Fix for this  because I am having the same issue. MS said it had recent downloads and that is why it is crashing and poping up again in minutes . He downloaded the updates.It still crashed. Next Agen said it was Norton Antivirus so we removed it and still crashing . Since this is a new PC I called HP they ram a BIOS System check and I  passed all that is when I was told it was Google chrome . Crashed a gain but differently from the rest  it is not crashing so much. How did you fix this?  Thank you