Switching from Win 11 insider preview to general release

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I am currently trying to switch from the insider preview of Win 11 to the general release one. I have tried downloading the windows 11 installation assistant however when I try and run it a small blank window pops up and disappears after 1 second. The installation assistant never ends up running and every update I receive from the windows setting update menu is an insider preview one. I don't want to perform a clean install as I have files that are not backed up. If anyone has experienced this or has a way of switching from the insider preview I would really appreciate the help.  

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If you're currently running Win11 Insider Preview Build with Dev Channel then must back up your data to perform clean installation, there no way to perform an In-place upgrade. Personally I do the same and I wish MS could provide a tools for us but that's the case here.


Yes only removing and formatting the disk and then installing a lower version is possible - Dev versions. they do not have a full environment.

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