Surface Pro X printer issue with Windows 11

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I purchased a Surface Pro X with Windows 10 a few years ago. I had at that time and have now a Brother laser printer on WiFi. The printer worked fine on Windows 10.

I joined the Insider program with the Pro X because I wanted to see what Windows 11 was all about before it came to market. The Windows Insider version of W11 worked fine on the Pro X. The Brother printer worked fine on the Pro X with Windows Insider W11.


The initial public release of Windows 11 was not compatible with the Pro X SQ2. I continued to use the Insider version.


The Pro X died a year ago. It was out of warranty. I purchased a replacement/exchange Pro X from Microsoft. It arrived with Windows 10. I wanted Windows 11, but it was at that point that I discovered that Windows 11 was not available for the Pro X SQ2. I did not want to use 10 anymore, so I joined the Insider Program on the new Pro X to get Windows 11 like I had before the first Pro X died. As before, the Brother printer worked on the replacement Pro X with W11 Insider version.


In March 2023, Windows 11 was finally available for the Pro X SQ2, and Windows Update installed W11 22H2. With this installation, the Brother printer disappeared. I tried to re-install the printer without success.


Brother and Microsoft say the Brother laser printers are not compatible with ARM processors on Windows 11. The printer was working on the Pro X with the original Windows 10 AND with the Windows 11 Insider version. It does not work with the commercial release of Windows 11 for the Pro X ARM/SQ2.


This is a serious flaw, IMHO. I want my printer back.



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So you are facing this issue in the stable release of Windows 11, is that correct?
Try open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
Have you tried to run the printer's software or driver in compatibility mode?
Yes, it is the stable release of Windows 11.

I reported this issue with Microsoft tech support yesterday. The case is "open" and they sent me to the Insider community to see is anybody else has the same issue.

I can't run the software or driver in compatibility mode because the printer will not install. Brother and Microsoft say the Brother drivers and programs do not run on ARM processors...except for nearly two year, they did (W10 and W11 Insider version).

Another thing, if I go to settings and "Add a printer and scanner", the system sees the printer, seems to install it, and then give a "status unknown" notification, at which point the printer is not accessible.
Thank you for your information.
In case, it confirm that it is not supported, the only way you could do is to share it in the Feedback Hub app and ask other vote for it.