Support for Windows 11

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Windows 11 is a beautiful masterpiece. I'm one of those who'd go for Windows XP over Windows 10 if new apps were supported on that classic platform, I resented Windows 10. Now, I don't think there is a better OS on PCs in existence! I know, it is still under development, still not completely stable. However, I think that at least we should have all the devices' and drivers' support.  New USB Bluetooth adapters, Wi-fi adapters, and their drivers. Yes, they were designed for Windows 10 support, but I don't believe that creators and developers can't have Windows 11's support simulated and adjusted for the devices and drivers. My PC has gone way slower and is still in progress. The devices I have bought recently are having trouble running. Now, all I can do is clean install Windows 10, removing everything. Could you please tell me in what efficient way can I shift all the data, worth more than 100 GB over and over? Trust me, I'd never dream of choosing Windows 10 over Windows 11, but the speed as slow as this, it's just a deal-breaker. I can't have my PC taking 10 minutes just to keep all applications from "Not Responding" and start running.  Drivers and performance are an issue and there are no proper instructions as to how to diagnose, let alone solve, any of them.

Hope we get help, soon.

Hope there is a solution, soon.

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