suggested update 21343 for using 21337.1000/1010

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As xeon mobile workstation user with ECC RAM, the system is hard to keep crashing from critical process died and file system. 

but 21337 break this record!

after trying it seems the issue may from myphone communication, power management, usb hub, and etc.  so I guess the general PCI I/o is influence in power model managmenet.

even update PEM could not help.

but for now 21343, os seems better for these days.

please update if you are facing similar unstable 

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If I understand correctly, you are facing several crash in your device, is that correct?
Are they in form of Blue Screen errors?
green ones, those errors are critical leve among my three workstation level devices xeon + ECC RAM, which is quite unusual for my insider experience. so I do suggested jump this build

True, in stable build it is Blue Screen and for Insider build they are Green Screen.

Since this is an insider build, please open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.


I am afraid that feedback hub is not a choose in these scenarios.

please just suggested all insiders jump this build for the best.

The critical ones means the green screen even had less opportunities to collected log. I had checked some of the logs, which were only record power shut down. For using feedback hub, it is cool when you have mirror suggestion for layout, user experience or just have an idea.


When you have a Blue Screen error, it will collect Dump file and it is located on  %SystemRoot%memory.dmp .


The Feedback Hub is for both suggestion and reporting bugs. When you submit a feedback, it will collect log files too. It is always recommended to report issues through the Feedback Hub app because this way Windows team would be able to investigate the issue and resolve it.

I am sorry that you had not read my comments about definition of critical ones.
my term here means that I have found basically nothing in log.
SO the feedback hub is not a choose for these scenario, please just jump this built.
However, if you wanna to suggest that "log I can read in my system is not the same feedback hub can read?"
If so please let me know the scope of difference