Sudden Strange Icon Behaviour

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I noticed about three days ago that when I log on, my icons are now all over half my screen and are widely spaced out side to side and top and bottom. If I log out and then log back in, the icons are where they are supposed to be, but all mixed up. If I reboot, they are all over the place again until I log out then back in after it boots up.


I have made no adjustments to my computer other than the recent patch Tuesday updates, and I have not installed any new software in the past month or so, with the exception of my new Nvidia GPU drivers. There is a tutorial on setting icon spacing, and I might try that. I'm just not sure it will hold between boot ups.


Anyone have this recent experience too? Or is it just me? And what could be the cause of this sudden weirdness?

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Try rolling back your Nvidia GPU drivers to a previous version or uninstalling the recent update to see if the issue resolves.