Stuck on Windows 10 Pro Dev channel on a computer that doesn't meet the Windows 11 requirements.

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This is a topic that needs some attention from Microsoft.  I am sitting on Windows 10 Pro Dev channel on a computer that can't run Windows 11.  That said, I am stuck with an older version of Windows 10 and don't receive any new updates/builds.  Microsoft has given me the run around on the topic and can't get anyone there to provide support.  


Does anyone know a way to move from the Windows 10 Pro Dev channel to the beta or preview channels so I can get past the Windows 11 update that my computer is stuck on?



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@DMrozPro  Hi

For Windows10, there is no longer a Dev channel. and Beta - you can only have RP. Insider for Windows10

Releasing Windows 10 Build 19044.1499 to Release Preview Channel | Windows Insider Blog


You need to perform a clean installation of Windows10 ( which will clean everything - make copies of your personal files and synchronize system activation with your Microsoft account )

Using ISOs - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Docs

I was told several times, over many months, I would moved from the Windows 10 Insider Preview DEV channel to either the Beta or the Release Preview channel. It never happened and then I find out there is no way to change or update my system. I can't say its the first time I've been screwed by crappy communication and terrible Customer support / delivery. It is blatant disregard to leave Customers with garbage and no way to receive security updates, etc.....


Troubleshooting - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Docs

You can download ISO RP. for windows10, but it also has to be a clean installation of Windows.

currently lowering the channel for Windows 11 is also so - unfortunately!

Windows11 stable version - will there be an update available for Insider Program participants ? - Mi...




If you click on the eye ball at the bottom of the screen that shows dev channel, then another window will appear. You should see the dev channel highlighted in green. Click on the dev channel itself, and another window will pop up showing stable () beta () and dev channel options.


PLEASE BE CAREFUL when choosing a new option 


IT WILL POWERWASH your computer back to the beginning.