Stuck in WIP Beta Channel version 22623.730 (Windows 11)

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I'm currently stuck in Beta Channel version 22623.730. Up to today, I have not received any new updates.  

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Are you able to download and install other updates?
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Yeah there are some quality updates still being installed occasionally. Apart from that, it's been a few months since I was enrolled an Insider Preview update.
Hi. Thanks for your response. Actually I just found a solution haha.

@Kouga_7351 I have the same problem - do you want to share your solution?

@Thomas-Aumueller It's been quite a while. I can't recall the specific method but it had something to do with my taskbar or registry. However, I just had to type some commands into the terminal and rerolled in the Beta Channel again.


Try do the following commands:


bcdedit /set flightsigning on


bcdedit /set {bootmgr} flightsigning on

[Enter to execute]


Now restart your computer and choose your Windows Insider Settings. Hope this helps.


That absolutely helped! It's all back to working normally now. Thanks!