Stop Insider Preview Builds

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I just want OUT. Over the last 6 months, I have clicked "Stop Insider Preview builds" (see screenshot below) 10+ times. That takes me to a blue pop-over with three very reasonable sounding options (see second screenshot below). First few times (6 months ago) I clicked the second one "Roll me back to the last Windows release/We'll  start the rollback now, and you'll be on the latest public version of Windows." That had absolutely no effect. Then, out of desperation, I started clicking "Reset this PC." Twice so far. All "Reset" does is to uninstall all my software. It does nothing to get me out of insider builds.


Can someone here please help me get rid of insider builds?


Thank you.


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This is my EXACT issue.


If I could, I would sue Microsoft for taking my PC hostage.  I cannot uninstall this crap, stop it from updating when I tell it not to, and I'm ready to kick some ass in Redmond.  Windows Insider is like digital herpes and it will not go away.  I deeply regret ever doing this.