Stop getting insider preview and switch to stable version in windows 11

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Hi all, Please help me to stop getting insider builds and to switch to stable windows 11 versionScreenshot (228).png

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Hey there, mrrks

To stop getting Insider builds, you will need to leave the Windows Insider Program. On the bottom of your image, under related support, you have the option to leave the Windows Insider Program.

This may take you to the Windows Insider website where it will bring you to a page asking you if you would like to leave the program. Please follow the instructions it gives you.

On that page as well, you have the option to unroll immediately from the program. If you follow that link it will open a support article. It may be that you have to re-install Windows again.

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Hi @mrrks_ 

Using ISOs - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Learn

Unfortunately, this is the only option to have a stable Windows.

In the Dev. channel, the switch has not worked for a long time - because only a clean installation - which will completely remove everything -> allows you to get a public version of Windows.

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