Startmenu, network, battery, sound and action center icons not working.

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I have upgraded from windows 10 to windows 11 dev build today from insider preview program, but some buttons on taskbar like start, network, sound, battery and action center are not responding on left click(right click working). They are not opening any window on clicking.

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Does this happen when you click on the icon? If it is, then it sounds like a mouse driver problem. Go to your device manager and update the mouse driver. Choose the option to install from your computer and windows will proceed with a choice to update a compatible driver. Hope that helps :)
No it's not mouse driver problem, other items click is working all fine with touchpad and mouse both.
Try check for update and see if there is any update and if yes install them.
Try restart your PC.
In case problem persist, open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
I have installed all the updates (one .NET framework update was there only ), tried restarting several times but nothing helped out.
I contacted microsoft over chat and one guy over there told me to post my concern and told me that some expert could extract the log file causing issue with some WinDBG application, so i did posted here but i think there is no help here also. I think i have to finally roll back.
I personally won't recommend sharing the dump file public in the forum. Because sometimes they might contains personal information and this is a public forum.
However, you may share them using the Feedback Hub app.
In case you want to know how to troubleshoot them, then take a look at:
same issue. left click is not working. actually, i think the whole notification panel is not showing. i've also upgraded from 10 to 11.