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 I am running Windows Home Insider Preview with Evaluation copy. Build 17025.rs_prerelease.171020-1626. Since yesterday the start button and the search button don't work so I am unable to access the insider hub to tell Microsoft of the problem.  Other buttons on the taskbar also don't work - Notification button on the right, Search button, but the most important is the Start button. To shut down last night I had to use Crtl+ Alt+Del and this morning found it had started up again overnight.

How do I tell Microsoft about this error?

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Though the Start menu might not work for you in this build, the various shortcuts that use the Windows key still should.


So thus if you type Windows logo key  + I you should go to Settings

Windows logo key  + F will bring you to Feedback Hub


For the complete online list tryWindows 10 Shortcuts

Thanks for the advice Douglas. Unfortunately neither worked

I too am getting this behavior. Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview Evaluation copy. Build 17025.rs_prelease.171020-1626.

Mentioned keyboard commands do not work right away and take about a minute and 20 seconds to launch, then load takes more time. Occasionally the Start menu button does work and sometimes I can right click on the start menu and select settings but they seem to be very slow and take a while to load or respond.

I can not explain what has happened. I held down F8 while rebooting and found the start button now works and the other buttons that would not work are now working. Also it does not take forever to load. What is more it all works as it should this morning after shutting down last night. Whatever, I am opting out of the insider programme and have requested updates until the next public release. This is has been a fault too many for me.