Spotlight works now!

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Hi Everyone,


After an in-place upgrade, I was able to get the spotlight in a matter of seconds! Amazing, beautiful pictures! It's so nice to see pictures from Australia, what a beautiful world we live in! If you haven't gotten the spotlight to work, just wait and maybe the picture that shows up is better than the default, more personalized to you :) Who knows but I am happy I have waited :) 

have a wonderful Christmas Everyone!


PS: Some images

2021-12-25 (3).png


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Though it keeps going back to photo after a short time, hope th next flight will fix this :)

@Shawnloveshorses161 Additionally, try re-registering Windows Spotlight, see if it helps:



Let us know if this helps!

Hi, after an in-place upgrade today, I got spotlight working, it even gave me some unique backgrounds, very pretty! It's so nice, it was worth the wait!
If u're the first time to install Build 22518 it may not working just try to reboot several times it should works. Well, by performing an in-placed upgrade it should works too just take more times... lol Anyway good fighting.
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HI Little Joe, I have done a remove everything back to Windows 10, then upgraded to 2253 then went back to 10, then used the UUDump 22518 ISO. It didn't give me the spotlight, restarted many times, did a few in-place upgrades. No luck but suddenly it just takes time like yesterday after I finished a in-place upgrade, not sure if it is a coincidence but spotlight will come on when it wants to :)

Glad it is resolved now, thanks for sharing the update!
Thanks, I did a fresh install of 10 again then upgraded to Windows 11 Dev 22518. It seems that after you set the spotlight, it takes around 3 days to get all the pictures! It really makes it worth the wait as it takes time to grab 5 photos from Australia and it's always something new! It's even more beauitful! Totally unique!