Sound Blaster AE-5 issue on Windows 11

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Few updates back Sound Blaster do not process sound correct.

All sounds are going trough centra speaker even setting are set for 5.1 system.

It ruin everything from Skype,gaming,listening music to watching movies.

I have posted this issue on feedback but no one yet responded nor issue was fixed.


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I found a temporally solution which in my case solves the channels level trouble, the steps are as follows,

1 - physically take the audio card out of the motherboard
2 - start the computer and uninstall all creative / soundblaster drivers
3 - restart the computer, perform a cleanup of the register
4 - open "device manager" and check if each driver has been deleted,
5 - shut down the PC, reinstall the sound card and related drivers

@Maestro_Betty Hi.

I have done all that and issue is still ongoing.

I wouldn't post it here if solution is so simple.

Sound is not detected good and all sounds are process trough central speaker not all around.

Tested in Windows sound options and there sound is detected good.

When I tested it with Blaster command center then issue is ongoing.

All started few updates ago.

Until then sound was normal.


physically extracting the card is not so obvious, however in my case it solved the problem of the channels audio distribution, but it still does not feel as good as on windows 10

@Blade Runner



Para llegar aquí, haga clic con el botón derecho sobre Altavoces de Sound Blaster Z, en Dispositivos de reproducción, luego clic en el menú propiedades, y vaya a la pestaña Avanzado.@Blade Runner 

so now?

i got the same problem

Download Win 11 Driver as well as Software.