[SOLVED] Build 18890 Fails to install. 20H1

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Build 18890 fails to install at 73%.


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There were problems installing some updates, but we'll try again later.

Windows 10 Insider Preview 18890.1000 (rs_prerelease) - Error 0x80070003

Some update files are missing or have problems. We'll try to download the update again later. Error code: (0x80070003)

after getting the error, i deleted the software distribution folder and  redownloaded the whole update again and every time it was successfully downloaded, completely and without interruption, but during install it fails at 73%.


the problem is similar to the one build 18875 suffered from.

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@HotCakeX Mine fails too but it does not show any errors. It downloads the update 18890.1000 (rs_prerelease) and when done it 'prepares' the update for installation, goes on to install counting up to 100%, it restarts and shows a blue screen where the update seems to be installing in full also then it restarts and shows the logon screen. When I log in it still sits in build 18362.1, and it re-downloads the entire update again (also tried deleting the SoftwareDistribution folder contents etc), prompts to restart and installs again and again as above... but nothing changes after that, build remains unchanged. This went on till my data bundle was all consumed... I hope Microsoft fixes this.


Why are you jumping from 18362 straight to the 18890? 

between all those builds that you're skipping, Microsoft released some fixes, one of them was needed to come from 19H1 to 20H1, so chances are you are getting that different error due to something else.

but it could be also from the 18890 itself. i just hope Insider team actually confirm that this problem exists and don't go on and ignore it. because that's what they have been doing so far on Twitter.

@HotCakeXmine also failed install, exact same message :D idk abt the jumping version but im form 1803 trying insider directly downloading 18890.1000


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@HotCakeXIt all began with a crash in Windows that rendered it almost unsable, It had the famous spinning circle of death (had a power failure at my home while PC was running). I had to restore it's core using DISM … (restorehealth). All other repair attempts would not work, except for DISM that worked to fix the underlying core functionality and cleared most of the issues while introducing an update nightmare. When it came up I could tell it was broken from the "Some setting are managed by your organisation..." message in the Win Update and Insider settings were now disabled too. So I tried to fiddle with gpedit and the registry concerning what is published about controlling updates and Insider options... nothing really worked well. I had to go to these lengths because I had to either do a fresh install and reinstall close to 200+ applications and games, or choose the lesser evil and have it work with its dents and scratches. While trying to fix the SCOD I tried to update to the same version using 'media creation tool' but that would come up with 'Keep apps and personal files' albeit grayed out, only fresh install was available... In general after SCOD, the only fix is to fresh install, or live with a crippled OS that wont even update to patch the problems but at least get to keep your apps and files.


that's really unfortunate. I have few suggestions for you since i've experienced all that too but you might already know these too

consider using a SSD for your OS drive, that way even in case of power failures and such, you won't lose data or get corrupt files in OS.

another, you better install games on other drives than the one OS is installed on. if you're using Steam then it's Super easy to move game files. if you're using Uplay client it's also easy since they both have built in options. if your games are from Windows Store, you can choose a different drive before starting to download the game.

doing these will hopefully lessen your problems ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

@HotCakeX I agree, but I'm a nerd and I work hard and need quite a large drive C:\ at least 1TB, but ideally 2TB... so you see my pockets would need a needle and thread after paying for such a large SSD... am already saving every penny to do this, after spending quite a lot to get my server upgraded from 8GB RAM to 32GB RAM just recently. FYI, I will pretend I don't also need a GTX 1080 and 27" LED HD second monitor as well... At least I've managed to get a mechanical keyboard and high DPI mouse, I just need to figure out which bank to bust and how fast to run from the cops to afford that 'Hah...' refreshing moment when I sit at my desk to work... LOL

this random error doesn't give any specific clue what causin error, in my attempt got error at 35, 60 and 70 percent. im gonna try using the iso file to upgrade, wish me luck,


where did you get the ISO file from? last time i checked MS only has downloadable ISO for slow ring which is still on 19H1

@HotCakeXim downloading overhere, not directly iso, but yeah something like download script and convert

@HotCakeX LOL was also wondering about the same. I figured without the latest build ISO, trying to upgrade would block 'Keep your apps and files' and only let you downgrade to blank slate. It's strange why Microsoft hides the updated 'media creation tool' that is in sync with the builds that insiders are actually testing

@DJ_Laserman @dms93 

there is also these:


but the thing is if we do that MS won't find out what the problem was and it will be buried in the OS. 

there is another (easier) option though, just reset your Windows from the settings and choose delete everything which is like a clean install, after that don't install any programs or change any settings and immediately go to Windows update and install 18890 over your build.



@dms93 Achievement Unlocked: Super Hard Stuff To Find Finding! Thanks for the link... Microsoft should let insiders be, we are here to test these things for free, they should let us download these from their site because it would be coming from an official source. But alas we also have to geek to help out



just imagine if only Bill Gates would put just 1% of his wealth into making Windows better, by hiring so many experienced programmers from around the world to work on Windows, that would take Windows to at least 5-10 years into the future and we could have the best bug free full featured OS. 

Windows is his legacy after all.

@HotCakeX You have a point there, but no one likes to always revert to a clean slate like that all the time when a problem arises and they have some files and apps already on their system. I know the 10 commandments of running sandboxes and VMs but what better way to test than install everything else that you use so that if it breaks then you know it doesn't actually work, than to play with an empty OS with no apps just to 'stick to the rules' this is live testing, so their builds can be trusted with other apps installed and other third party drivers installed as in a normal setting. You see, often when Windows Insider builds break, there are no definite answers on resolutions and so we could argue that this is also part of testing. I would not buy a car after testing it on the mill, I would want to drive it in the mud and everything so I know very well how it handles the turf... just my opinion on the topic


I'm sure they already can afford to do that from the profits, that guy put a lot of effort in his time to make sure Microsoft is what it is today. So I wouldn't take a cent from his hard earned stash, the wizards of oz in his employ need to double their own efforts and pull up their socks, and to stop succumbing to other companies like the big-G and the A. It's there but only needs 'spirit' and listening to people like you and me, and the rest of the user community to come up with unmatched genius quality software, well, and hardware. HP is already dabbling in harnessing fiber optics and remaking the CPU, RAM and Data-Bus using fiber optics... where is MS? We are here still nudging them left right and center just to get an OS which is now dated to achieve an acceptably good usability state, but it drags and lags and bluescreens and such... but the bank is bloated with profits. Samsung has their graphene battery tech getting prepared to hit the market, and MS last was seen in the mobile market in the days of Windows Phone, which fell like a rock because they never listened.... Well, we could be banned here if we proceed, but let them not hide this stuff from insiders, hide the stuff from the shelves, but let testers test as much as possible so you know what to fix. Bill Gates did his part just right, from BASIC to DOS to Windows. What are they doing now?

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I've been using this method for the past few fast ring insider builds and it never fails. the procedure is to make an ISO file for each build but of course it's all done automatically and downloaded Officially from Microsoft servers, this is just an automation script.


use this website:
select your build number
select language and click next
select the right edition and click next
then click on "download using aria2 and convert"
after that extract files to a folder and run the "aria2_download_windows.cmd" file.
wait for it to finish, once it's done it will create a complete and official ISO files which you can use to install your next Windows insider build without any problems.

I have seen this happen to me when I was doing a fresh reset on my surface pro 5. The lastest recovery image is for 1903 and when I install that. The updates that come in and then there is always a failure in the 1903 cumulative update. This has happened over and over and sometimes cause a lot of issues on my computer