Shutdown and Restart many times when i upgrade to Winbdows 11

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Hi , I have many problem with Windows 11 , many shutdown ,crash ,green screen with message as NDU.SYS OR BDDCI.SYS

Can you help me

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@Blerimi  Hi

In this case, the idea is to perform a clean installation downloaded according to the channel in which you are registered in the Insider Program.

I'm guessing it's not a stable version?

 Using ISOs - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Docs


I believe you are using the Windows Insider, is that correct?
Are you in Dev or Beta channel?
Make sure report these issues using the Feedback Hub app.

I am using windows home insider evaluiation copy@Reza_Ameri 

Issues and bugs are expected in the Windows Insider Build and when there is crash it will collect data and report to the Microsoft. However, it is always good idea to file a bug report.