Show available digital licenses in our Microsoft account in Windows 10 settings, activation


There needs to be a way to view available digital licenses inside our Microsoft account, I think in Windows settings => update and security => Activation would be the most suitable place.


it has benefits, the most important one is so user can see their available licenses in their Microsoft account and make a wise decision based on that info.


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This could be an idea... I think will be only available for someone who purchased Windows 10 Home / Pro at Retail Channel e.g. Microsoft Store. And must have to associate with him/her hardware info... But for rest of Windows editions given the fact it won't be implement. :happyface:

Not really, that only covers half of the methods, there are 2 more methods that has nothing to do with Microsoft store.
I have multiple licenses on my Microsoft account and I didn't buy any of them on Microsoft store.
you can learn more about them here:


p.s so far, it works with Home, Pro, Pro N, Pro for workstation, Pro for workstation N, and Enterprise licenses. probably more too but I haven't tried yet.


Still, even If only 1 of those 4 methods would apply, it still would be a big reason to implement this feature I'm suggesting. it's Microsoft store after all.


(Windows 10 Pro N is for customers in Europe and lacks media related technologies. The license for Windows 10 Pro vs Windows 10 Pro N are different.)