Settings thinks im not part of the windows insider program

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Whenever I go to the "Windows insider" section in settings, it wont let me access Windows 11 early builds because it thinks my account isnt part of the insider program. Signing in just does nothing and I'm stuck at the "get started" screen



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Try run Windows Update and download and install all updates.
Restart your PC and try again.
And in the privacy settings you have enabled optional diagnostic data? this is the basis and of course you need to delete other user accounts if they are synchronized with Windows.
Yup, optional diagnostics is on

If you are properly registered, on this page you can download the Iso according to the channel in which you registered and install the system manually
If you are already registered, there should be no link for you to register again on the site, check it .

I haven't registered a channel yet, it still thinks I am not in the insider program
Try to do this on the site before downloading the correct ISO and then restart the system and then try to see if it opens on the Computer Start.
Please contact technical support - according to the message with the error code
Try open start and search for feedback and open Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
Follow the link and contact Microsoft Support.
Are you using any VPN or Proxy software?
Make sure Dev Mode is on, Advanced Options Download from any source, Go to dev settings and toggle the remote desktop connections on to download the dev tools, and make sure you have admin rights and not standard user

@Andrzej1 when i contact support they just tell me to come back here XD its an infinite loop

no vpn or anything that im aware of


The only solution will be a clean installation of Windows that will remove everything leaving the system so if you dedicate this computer to testing - not to work and your personal files will copy to another disk beforehand, because reinstalling the system will format everything 

before installation.

wait so if i do this i loose anything downloaded?
Yes you will lose everything!
But wait I found something else - it is recommended that participants of the Insider program retry to download Windows11 do it !
in a moment I will give a link to the discussion.
ok, ill wait for that link before i try anything risky
that looks promising :)