Settings, search and tast bar not working/showing

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I left my pc on during the night and when I came back my screen was blue and only the apps I hade open before were avalible, so I proceeded to restart my pc. When it turn back on my taskbar is blank (exept the small icons to the right) and I can't acces the settings or search tab. All the apps/programs I have on my pc works fine except settings, search and tastbar (My explorer works fine).


I have tried :


Restarting my pc

Restarting my pc with all programs the is not microsoft related turnd off with msconfig

Restarting my "Explorer"

Tried sfc /scannow on cmd


And I am on the latest insider build version 22000.527



Anyone that can help?

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Ok, I managed the fix the issue, I had accidentally blanked my "timezonekeyname" in regedit. When adding back my timezone it fixed all the issues