Sets function not working on build 17666, how to get it?

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Sorry for my english i'm french.


So, i upgrade my OS to the build 17666 by the fast ring on skip ahead option. But, i don't have the Sets interruptor in 'Multitasking', above 'timeline'.


Someone could give me an answer please?

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Same here!


Any tips?

there is a tutorial to enable it using gpedit however for me it was already set to non configured. gpedit is for i think most windows things but sets is available for windows builds for 17666 and above


tutorial link:


i think this sets function could only works on certain languages since you said your France and im from the Netherlands, i dont think its true but its a possibility.


if the tutorial works then happy testing ^^

if not then i sadly have to inform you i am unable to help



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