Server host is taking a lot of my CPU %

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My cpu is having a small problem

Whenever I open task manager, it shows a program under CPU that takes like most of my CPU % away. Service Host: DCOM Server, and some other Service Host apps.

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Hi @Tasneem1978,

The Service Host: DCOM process is responsible for launching and managing other COM (Component Object Model) applications in Windows. It can sometimes consume a lot of CPU resources if there are any issues with the COM applications or if there is a lot of COM activity on the system.

To troubleshoot high CPU usage by the Service Host process, you can follow these steps:

  1. Identify the specific COM application causing the issue: You can use tools like Process Explorer or Process Monitor to identify the specific COM application that is causing the high CPU usage.

  2. Restart the COM application: If the issue is caused by a specific COM application, try restarting the application. This may resolve the issue if the application was stuck or experiencing a problem.

  3. Disable the COM application: If the issue persists, you can try disabling the COM application. However, this may cause other applications that rely on the COM application to stop working.

  4. Update the COM application: If the issue is caused by a bug in the COM application, you can try updating the application to the latest version.

  5. Check for malware: There is a possibility that the high CPU usage is caused by malware. If you suspect that this is the case, you can scan your system with a reputable antivirus software.

  6. Run a System File Checker: If the issue is caused by corrupted system files, you can run the System File Checker (SFC) tool. To do this, open the Command Prompt as an administrator and type the following command: sfc /scannow

  7. Perform a clean boot: If you are still unable to resolve the issue, you can try performing a clean boot. This will start Windows with only the essential services and startup programs loaded. This can help you identify if a third-party program or service is causing the issue.

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