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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Seems not long after my Insider update- Windows update has issues.

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MS help could not help. Less than a day and a half after Insider update>Cumulative Update for Windows 11 Insider Preview (10.0.22631.2199) (KB5029352)...took place, (8-18-23), my ability to control windows update time/options has basically ceased. Resume from pause button is nowhere to be found. MS chat support gave-up told me to go to insider community...any ideas' ?

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There seems to be an issue with Windows Update , this is the statement from the Windows team:

"After updating to this build, the “Check for updates” does not appear as expected under Settings > Windows Update. To manually check for updates, you can open Windows Terminal (or the Run dialog)and enter the USOClient StartInteractiveScan command which will perform the same function as clicking the “Check for updates” button in Windows Update. Note that running the command will not display any output. To confirm that the operation was successful, you can run the command while the Windows Update settings page is open. You should see your device checking for updates."

If that is your case, Windows team are aware and working on it. If there is another issue, make sure report it using the Feedback Hub app.