Screen suddenly went black

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I was watching a Youtube video while uploading a video to my channel. I started resizing my windows, and when I overlapped one of my Chrome windows over the one with a video playing, the screen went black. The audio from the video was still running in the background, so I clicked ctrl+alt+del, and the ctrl+alt+del screen appeared. I opened up task manager, but it didn't appear.


I clicked ctrl+alt+del again and shut down. While it was shutting down, the text and spinning circle looked broken, like there was another copy of it slightly to the right. It finished shutting down, and I started it back up. It started up normally, without any artifacting, and continued to function normally. I checked device manager right after starting back up, and there were no warnings (other than the trackpad that I don't need to fix because I have a mouse). What could have happened here?


System specs:
Laptop: HP Pavillion x360 14m-dw0023dx (i5 1035g1, 1x8gb DDR4, 256gb SSD)
External SSD: 500gb Samsung T7 Portable
Windows 11 Home 23H2

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