Schedule Windows Store downloads for Games and Apps

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We need to be able to schedule downloads of Games and apps on Windows store. to set a time period for the downloads so that the downloads will start at X and pause at Y, every day.


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Yes to be able to download from the microsoft store at certain times would be great!!

when you are on like hughesnet satellite internet service they get really pissy when you go over your data limits and they cut you off!! for internet service for the rest of the month!!!

Is there any way to set this up?? or to be able to use a download manager or something like that??

There are a lot of people that have limited internet still and to download during the day is very bad!! If you want to still have internet service!!! 



unfortunately, right now there is no such possibility inside Windows by default, but if you upvote that feedback

and add your problem as a comment in there, that would be extremely helpful.


there are however programs that might be able to do this, I don't know any of them off the top of my head.