Return to the "preview" channel from the dev channel in windows 11.

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Good afternoon everyone, I ran into such a problem that after receiving the dev version of Windows 11, I can not return to the beta channel or the preliminary release (the buttons are generally locked). I also can't go back to the previous version, since there have already been quite a few updates. Tell me how to be in this situation and how to change the channel.

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@netlio  Hi

In this blog at the bottom there is an explanation that only a clean installation allows you to lower the channel, or install a stable version of Windows11

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 Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22504 | Windows Insider Blog

How would I perform a clean install from the Insiders computer? (I want to go back to Beta from Dev). Everything messed up and it looks and performs horribly.
You will need to back up your files, then either use the MCT or create an ISO from the latest Beta channel ISO and use that to clean install.
and ISOs are on




You need to download the ISO from the Insider Program - search for Beta and install manually, but remember that everything will be formatted and deleted, personal files too - make copies.

Using ISOs - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Docs