[Resolved] Windows Sandbox has NO Internet when the host is connected to a VPN


When the host is connected to a VPN, such as PPTP/L2TP and then I launch Windows Sandbox, I have no internet in it. please fix this. this problem existed on build 19H1 and it still exists on build 20H1 (18885).


Old post, no longer an issue.

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I don't even have WIFI. And I have removed all VPNs.

Still cannot connect.

OK, if you Bridge connections between the Wifi Adapter and the vEthernet Hyper-V Virtual adapter you get a connection, extremely slow but at least something!


Does anyone have any clues on how to fix this? I'm also affected :(
which type of virtual adapter is it? external/internal ?
which Windows insider version are you on?


I'm on the latest slow ring version.

So you normally have Internet in Sandbox and only lose Internet when host is connected to a VPN, right?

would you mind mentioning which type of VPN do you use?

My internet works flawlessly in Windows Sandbox without a VPN.


I use WireGuard, my VPN "host" is AzireVPN.


Also worth noting is that Application Guard works while connected, but my real IP shows when I browse.

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For me, upvote is replaced with "Add similar feedback"
Maybe I'm on a weird version or something.
It's okay, adding similar feedback should help even more :)

@HotCakeX  not sure if you're still having this issue, but I was having a similar issue. Realized I had to allow LAN traffic with the VPN on. I use Windscribe and this provides the option to enable/disable LAN traffic. Sandbox traffic working after enabling (yeah, I feel dumb forgetting about this setting) and traffic is properly routed through my host's VPN.

That's good to know, thanks
no i don't have the problem anymore, I enter my VPN details in Windows settings (SSTP, IKeV2, PPTP)

I have the exact same issue with my Sandbox. I am using Cisco Anyconnect.

I feel like a "network moron", but I'd like to understand WHY this works.

I'm finding a lot of references to this including "split tunneling" which I understood to mean allowing traffic to "route around" the VPN and access internet directly. All I want is the traffic from the sandbox to actually go through the VPN instead of null routing which is what seems to happen.

I'm not allowed to edit VPN configs, which is as it should be, and I definitely don't want to allow split tunneling. However, as a security analyst, I would like to be able to run things in the sandbox without disconnecting from VPN


Hi are you still facing the issue when connected to anyconnect internet won't work.

Have you found any workaround, please help.

I have also encountered such problem in 2023, hope someone who have solve the issue could share the idea, all best.