Resetting my desktop

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Because I can't make use of most of the features of Windows 10, I have decided to reset my desktop and therefore a reinstall of Windows.  Then, I hope to get the next upgrade in the program.  Any advice?  I won't be doing this for a couple of days because of work, and then it takes about 12 hours to reinstall my programs (for some I will have to purchase them again, etc).

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I do recommend you make a list of the applications you had on the machine to ensure you know what to put back on, it sounds like you may have many.  Backing up the data on your machine may also be prudent.  Shortcuts, userdata etc - You may have data inside the user profiles directory or scattered throughout the machine, ensure you get everything you need.  Also if you use any modern applications that contain data you may want ensure that you properly back them up.  Resetting the machine is easy but ensure you are committed to do this, as its undoable!  In the settings app choose Update & Security and then go to recovery - I stress make sure you backup everything you need!