Reset using Cloud download fails in insider build 21277

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If you're an insider on Dev channel on build 21277.1000, please try to reproduce the issue and if you are successful, add your details to this feedback, also add a "recreate my problem" to it. thanks


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I have managed to obtain an ISO of latest build 21277.
I am about to attempt an install from this ISO, I will confirm if successful or otherwise later today.
I have tried windows update for the build twice and windows crashed each time, it then reverts changes so ... I'll go do a format and new install now :)
Sounds good, wish you luck with that^^

Hi, the installation using the iso worked, albeit first boot failed, but rebooted second time to the desktop, no further issues :)

Can you try reset using cloud download? continue until the last step of it that will ask you to restart and begin the reset process