Request the Ability to move and admin the Win11 taskbar in the same manner as in Win10

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I have separate machines running for different applications and different purposes.  I have the taskbar set differently on the different machines to allow for quick recognition and ease of use for the specific purpose/application.  I just upgraded one of the PCs to Win11 and see that the Taskbar flexibility has been removed!  This isn't workable for me so Please bring back the Taskbar flexibility into Win11.  Until then, I will leave the remaining systems on Win10.  Not interested in having to change my interaction/interface/operations resulting from some uneducated, inexperienced, pseudo-designer/programmer without User Experience!   

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Hello, of course many people are waiting to restore the settings of the taskbar as in Windows10.
I do not understand why there is no project so far for improvement in Windows11 ->
so that the user can change the location of the taskbar.
Windows personalization was great for me (the current limitations are frustrating)