Remove watermark from Windows 11 Insider Preview 22581.1 (ni_release) update

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After installing Windows 11 Insider Preview 22581.1 (ni_release) update, a watermark is appearing on the desktop. How do I get rid of it? This is actually very annoying!!Screenshot (79).png



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It would for sure make more appealing to return to preview build, if they were just like before with no watermark right smak in the face..
Why did you put them in the automatic download then? Did you become in charge and decided to make this decision? All I can say is I am now a very desapointed customer and want this change to desapear.
Can u pls press Winkey + R and run with winver and let me know your OS build number?
If it wasn't annoying enough to have MS put this watermark on my main screen it has put them on both of my small USB monitors also! And after waking from sleep this AM I have a stack of two watermarks on my main screen!
Evaluation Version 22581.1 Windows 11 I have now rolled back out of windows insider because of these changes the BETA versions are no longer stable they are actually DEV versions I don't know why they have the 2 channels any more many people are leaving the program
In my case it also froze the systray icons so you can't move them anymore
Because it was a DEV build released to the BETA channel therefore there shouldn't be any watermarks many people are leaving the program less feed back to MS
Normal if you are on the DEV channel, not the BETA channel they may as well do away with the BETA channel
When is MS going to fix this debacle or is this the new Insider program if it is it sucks
I now rooled back all my system to my previous window build and ouped-out of window insider, and dont have the watermark anymore and everything is back to normal, why suld I give any info on my personel system info to you or anyone? Do you work for microsoft? Dont take it personely but I dont know you so I am a bit concern as anyone would be after the help and answer we received here.

22581.100 - expires 9-15-22

try using a third party wallpaper service like wallpaper engine. got rid of the ulgy water mark for me.
Hello, I'm just a Windows Insider member here to help.... the OS build does not contain your personal info at all it just to prove which exactly version of Windows OS running on your device so we can help u to figure out your issue here. However if u have concern on this u could just reporting this issue back to MS with Feedback Hub app.
Yes, but since both Dev & Beta channel are running with Windows Insider Preview Build so technically those Build are Evaluation copy of Windows. If u feeling this should be removing u could file an issue within Feedback Hub app back to MS.
Technically BETA builds have never had watermarks nor have they been unstable they may as well get rid of the BETA channel then and just have DEV

Well, this "Beta" release has issues beyond the Watermarks. There has always been an issue running triple monitors with the Taskbar placement (or lack of adjustability), Now with the taskbar on my left monitor (the three monitors are 1 using Nvidia surround), if I pass the mouse through the taskbar, it should simply stop at the bottom of the screen. It now disappears and pops back up on the left bottom of the center screen! 

There is a youtube video on how to fix this. It requires some downloading and running of a program but it worked for me. I found out that, since windows 11 is not complete yet, everyone is subject to that watermark until the official release. However, I just reinstalled the current full version of windows 11 and it doesn't (yet) give me that watermark.

Final straw on Insider. I'm opting out. Sorry Microsoft, but you aren't managing this in a way compatible with how businesses operate. I have Beta selected for my personal systems, and Dev for my lab systems. Yet you shove a questionable Beta release (with Realtek audio issues) to all my systems. Fortunately I have resisted teh urge to enable Insider on my laptop, so I still had a stable system to work from. As a remote IT professional, I kind of need some reasonable stability which is what my personal office systems were signed up for Beta, not Dev.

As I said, final straw... I like to help, but I have a business to run and you wasted hours of my time trying to fix a problem that you caused that should never have happened in the first place. 



Are you talking about the insider preview version of Windows 11?