Remove watermark from Windows 11 Insider Preview 22581.1 (ni_release) update

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After installing Windows 11 Insider Preview 22581.1 (ni_release) update, a watermark is appearing on the desktop. How do I get rid of it? This is actually very annoying!!Screenshot (79).png



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Same issue here. Tried to tweak on Regedit "PaintDesktopVersion", didn't work. It was already in 0. Maybe the release somehow ignored that config and just showed the version anyway... Oh Well, waiting for some fix too. This is really annoying

Same issu here, luky I had a system image done yesterday and rolled out of insider  preview build, since the update are no longer quality update. That worked for my laptop yesterday, an I am rolling my desktop as we speek. This is new, I am guessing that wind does no longer want me in the preview build. To bad. It used to be good with no issues before. Yea the fix  worked for me.

That worked for a fix until Microsoft fix the issue, I had a system image done yesterday and rolled back to it, and opted out of preview build. That worked for my laptop yesterday, and I am rolling my desktop as we speak. The previous preview used to be good with no issues before.

It's an evaluation (timebomed) build with expiration date
why do you expect the watermark not to appear?

 @abbodi1406  I personally feel it would have been nice, if instead, it would have been the usual box that each user can have the freedom to close or not, instead of a permanent disruptive watermark.

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It never has in previous builds from the Beta channel if you have a legitimate copy there should be no watermark DEV channel in development if the update has these issues also freezing of the taskbar icons it should never have been released to the BETA channel it's obviously a DEV version
I have left Insider because of this issue I have been told by support that they are working on a fix to get rid of the watermark and unfreeze systray icons so you can again move them around the update was a DEV update made available to BETA which really defeated the purpose of the two channels if I had wanted a development update I would have joined the DEV channel not the BETA
It's a DEV update that was made available to the BETA channel Whats the point of having the 2 channels
Did you solve the problem? I have the same

Did you solve the problem? I have the same

No Microsoft support has said there should be a fix in the next build to resolve the issue do not use UWD as suggested on some sites as it renders your file explorer inoperable.

I Solved my problem with rolling back to my previous window with a system image that I had done just before and rolled out of insider preview build since the updates are no longer quality updates. That worked for my laptop yesterday, and I am rolling my desktop as we speak and it worked, it tokes the watermark away and got back to where I was before getting this update. Ouf
The build being in BETA channel doesn't change its expiration/evaluation status

of course you can discuss Microsoft choice to push it to BETA channel
but removing the watermark will not make it a final non-expirable build

What is the use of such a build?? if it is to be removed, what happens after for us users? The window version is a full version and does not expire. Will Microsoft come with another temporary build with a watermark afterward? It never used to be like this, I have joined the program several years back and never had this problem of expiring watermarked beta updates in insider preview. Microsoft will lose a lot of preview build user outing out of window insider release, is that the goal here?


Refer to MS announcement for Win11 Insider Preview Builds:





These builds should never have been put in the Beta channel they are far from quality builds
Well you can keep them from now on. It is is not acceptable. What changed at Microsoft to come up with this decision? I don't see what the use of having an anoying billboard announcement right on the desktop. Who came up with this change?
I agree john886600 I did not sign upi for these release.

I did not sign up for this release. Why did they invade my computer? I only signed up for quality updates. Why did this happen suddenly? What is the reason after so many years to change the overall delivery of the quality update? It never happened for the past five years I am with preview build update? We wasted so much time trying to fix this when my Windows 11 is fully registered. I never sign up for this sudden change. I never asked for these previous updates with a watermark, it is a bad move.