Reinstalled beta version 19042. Problem restoring files from backup.

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I had to do a reinstall due to some corrupted file(s). I did a backup prior to the reinstall. But now the Restore program doesn't see that backup. It does see the previous one. But when I tried using that one, nothing was restored.

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How did you backup? 3rd party software?

@HotCakeX Windows backup

Settings>Update & Security>Backup

Backup will find several previous backups. But when trying to use them nothing is restored.
I can find the last backup and access the compressed folders to see the files within them. Windows restore cannot.
can you move the backup files to another disk/device and then try from there?

@HotCakeX Just tried that without success. The Recovery in this Insider version isn't even letting me choose the drive I put the backup on. I have to use Control Panel> System and Security> Backup and Restore (Windows 7) to even be able to select the drive.

Under the Restore portion it tells me that 'Windows could not find a backup for this computer'. 

Then I can select the highlighted 'Select another backup to restore files from'. 

That opens a window with a bunch of old backups. If I try to browse network location I can get to the drive and the backup. I click on it and another window opens: 'Select the folder where you want to save the backup'. 

Under that is a window with 'Network' in it. But I can't select it or add anything. 


I think you've run into a bug that should make a problem feedback about it in feedback hub,
hope you can manually recover your files for now

@dedgar4883 It's still a little clear how you performed your initial back up of your files. The built-in supported method of back up in Windows 10 is File History. This is different that the Backup and Restore (Windows 7) utility which is only for restoring files from older Windows 7 backups to a Windows 10 device. It is not intended to be used as a backup utility for Windows 10. Below are the two different utilities (File History on the left and Backup and Restore (Windows 7) on the right).



You can learn more about backup solutions here:  Choose a backup solution in Windows 10 (



@HotCakeX There are 289 compressed folders in the backup. I can access and extract each folder. I have done so with a couple. Btu having to them all is going to be a major PITA. That is assuming I can figure out where they all are supposed to go. Some are easy but others not so much.


@Eddie Leonard Thanks for the info. I tried using Files History and all it shows is recent activity from 11-19. I don't see how I can get it to look at what I need it to.